Why choose TPMC?

Why choose The Product Marketing Company? Well, top of the list is because we have an awful lot of knowledge about product marketing and technical products. 

So, what is product marketing? In summary, the product marketing process is the stage, after product development but before external marketing.  It is central to the marketing communications strategy and defines the product messaging, positioning, target markets, campaigns, tools and assets.   

For the most part, we work directly with managing directors, engineers, product development teams and marketing teams. Many of our customers have a technical background, and that's where our core skills come into play - almost every product that we work on has a technical aspect, an area that we are very familiar with. 

We’ve been on your side of the fence

Our team is made up from a mix of people including senior marketers who have worked with technical products for over 30 years. This gives us knowledge from both agency and client-side marketing –nothing gives you a better understanding of a customer’s needs than having been there yourself.

It’s not just about marketing though – it’s about business and people.  Our understanding of business markets, along with the operational, production and financial side of a business, allows us to take a holistic view, and enables us to offer practical and honest advice which has real value.

Because of our product knowledge, we are frequently asked for advice on product development, supply chain management, lead management, sales and marketing recruitment – we even review CV’s and sit in on recruitment interviews.

Getting to know you

We ask questions (lots of questions!) to get to the root of what’s needed.  We do this because we want you to succeed and we’re good at spotting hidden strengths and costly weaknesses.  Our work speaks for itself but as a product marketing business partner, you will find no better.

We are among the best in the UK

TPMC is listed among the UK’s top 70 B2B marcomms agencies so you know that you are in professional hands and will be looked after.

We hope that you will already feel inspired and we would really like to help.  Why not give us a call on 01462 432303 and see where it leads? We look forward to your call.