Marketing Recruitment

If you’re considering recruiting a marketer to help you to grow your business then you will be at one of two stages – your branding, tools and plans are all in place and now you need to start marketing or, you have none of the above and don’t quite know where to start.

Either way, we can help you.

If you’ve never had to hire a marketer before it can be very daunting because you probably won’t understand:

  • Marketing, and the diverse range of channels and skills required today
  • What level of marketer you require
  • What marketing or qualifications are relevant
  • Which skills you really need
  • What further support they will need
  • The right amount of pay and benefits
  • What additional marketing costs will be needed

In this situation, most companies look for a recruitment agency – not a bad start! But how much does the recruitment agency know about your company or marketing? Do they have the skills to understand your business and marketing strategy? How can they offer up candidates if they don’t have the knowledge to understand your products, markets and business goals? And which skills will be best suited for your needs?

Hiring the right person will save you time and money

Many of our customers come to us because they have tried and failed to find the right person. Whilst it is frustrating for you, coming to a good marketing agency will be very beneficial and will ultimately lead to you:

  • Having a much better understanding of marketing
  • Having the correct branding, messaging and tools in place before you hire in-house
  • Having a proper marketing plan in place
  • Having a much better understanding of the skills that you need
  • Recruiting the right, well-equipped marketer.

Use an experienced marketing professional to hire a marketer!

Our senior marketing team have all worked on client side for the most of their careers i.e. we worked for companies just like yours. Therefore we not only have an in-depth understanding of professional marketing, we have also recruited marketers of all levels over many years.

These skills have enabled us to fully support customers that are ready to recruit in-house but don’t have the skills to select the right candidate. We can help you:

  • Write job descriptions/adverts
  • Choose a recruitment agency (if required)
  • Review CV’s
  • Conduct interviews
  • Set tests for candidates
  • Help to choose the right candidate
  • Ongoing candidate support and training

We want to ensure that our customers are fully equipped to get the best return on investment from their marketing and their marketing people.

If you need help with recruiting a marketer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we will make the whole process easier and save you time and money in the process!

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