Customer Newsletters

Every business will have fresh, beneficial information to share with customers and a customer newsletter is a great way of keeping your business at the forefront of their minds and strengthen your relationship with them.

A customer newsletter should be useful, informative, relevant and engaging. It’s purpose is to offer value by helping to keep them informed about what is happening both in your world and the wider market place.

When it comes to presentation, design is just as important as content. The format should be clean and visually stimulating so that it will work just as well as a digital file as it will as a printed file.

As B2B marketers with some 30 years experience, we can help you with every aspect of customer newsletter creation including planning, scheduling, copywriting, research, photography, design, production and delivery through marketing communication channels.

Whichever form of customer newsletter you choose, TPMC will ensure that your customers will always look forward to the next instalment of your customer newsletter.

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