Case Studies

We all know how powerful word of mouth is for marketing. If someone that you trust or respect makes a recommendation then you are far more likely to consider a purchase from the same vendor or follow suit.

Case studies have been around for years in B2B marketing – they set out the story of one company’s search for the right solution and how their problem was solved with the help of a particular company.

Every business has the potential to produce outstanding case studies that will help them sell more of the same. A case study can be used in all sorts of different ways including:

  •     PR (magazines love a good case study)
  •     Emails
  •     Customer newsletters
  •     Events and exhibitions
  •     Social media
  •     Direct mail
  •     Direct sales meetings
  •     Website landing pages
  •     Videos

At TPMC we have written more case studies than we can recall over the years, taking care to pull out the whole story from both the client and their customer.  We will interview your customer direct and then write up the story so that it can be used in multiple ways. We then design an engaging template for the story so that it shows all of the key facts concisely.

A case study is a low cost marketing tool that can be influential, powerful and can offer a great return on investment.

If you have a story to tell, but don’t know the best way to share it, please get in touch as we can ensure that it is seen by all the right people in the right way.