Social Media Promotions

Social media brand images

Using consistent branded images with simple messages of intent or explanations of what your company does is a very inexpensive way or building your brand trust in your target customers mind.

Repetition changes the cognitive thought process like positive affirmations help top sports people believe they can win. The more you see a brand and understand how they can help the more you trust them.

Simple brand banners showing clear messages, a logo and a cohesive brand feel are a very strong tool when using on social media.

10 brand banners for Twitter are only £300… now
10 brand banners for Linkedin are only £300… now
10 brand banners for Facebook are only £300… now

Social Media Videos

Simple explainer videos used digitally is a brilliant, modern and engaging way of presenting your brand.

In a world where time is the most important asset, a simple video can explain quickly what your product is, what benefits it provides and how easily it can be used.

The great thing about your video is that it is unique, the only one in the world and it is the real opportunity for your business to stand out.

A series of small 20 second video clips from £1500

Social Media Profile banners

Your social media banners are seen every time someone visits your pages.

Your social media banners are another opportunity for you to present a consistent look for your brand and highlight what you do.

These pages for some brands are seen more than there website home page and so it important to make the most of the opportunities we have with them.

Cost £80 per banner including image, logo, strapline and branding