Customer Communications

Your most valuable marketing assets are your customers.  You have already invested heavily in acquiring your customers so it’s now up to you to look after them.  Customer relationships need careful management and, if cared for well, they will stay loyal and can play a vital role in future marketing campaigns .

Customer communications help to build a bond and deliver more value so they should form part of any marketing communications plan.  Customers should always be informed of business changes or new product launches before an announcement goes public.  By hearing news first hand, it shows that they are valued and you welcome their feedback.

We all know how powerful ‘word of mouth’ is and if a customer is happy then they may offer a testimonial or allow you to write a case study or article using their name as reference.  You can even use them as guinea pigs for product concepts or ask them to test a new product prior to launch.

Customer questionnaires can also reveal an enormous amount of very useful information and the golden rule is ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’!

Remember: Add value at every level of your customer relationship and they will find it hard to leave you!

TPMC can help you to choose the right ways to communicate with your customers; emails, newsletters, events, value-added campaigns, social media, hospitality (there is a long list but we can tell you more!).

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