MODS Luggage

MODS Luggage

MODS Luggage

PRODUCT TYPE: Luggage & Bags

Established in China in 1987, Mods Luggage & Bags Supplier is a manufacturer of all kinds of luggage including travel bags, sports bags, computer cases, suitcases and handbags.

In 2014, MODS UK was established to offer international customers the opportunity to make significant cost savings by ordering direct from the manufacturer.

Good workmanship and prompt delivery allow their products to enjoy a good reputation around the world.

The Product Marketing Company was approached to design the brand collateral, point-of-sale and sales collateral, ready for sales teams to introduce the brand to luggage buyers throughout Europe.

Services included:

  • Write, design and create the corporate brochure
  • Design luggage labels
  • Design luggage tags and point-of-sale
  • Design luggage interior fabric and luggage pullers
  • Design sub-brand collateral

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