MCP Property Services

MCP Property Services


NATURE OF BUSINESS: Property Services for Social Housing

MCP Property Services have been community housing service specialists in Hertfordshire since 1978. Committed to sustaining our high levels of service through reliability, quality and value, they believe that the same quality of workmanship should be provided to any resident’s home as their own.

MCP approached The Product Marketing Company in order to modernise their brand. After an extensive review of their business, which involved feedback from customers, the brand has been completely modernised and is primed to establish the company as the leader in its field and community.

Following the successful rebrand, TPMC went on to:

  • Comprehensively update all branding such as logos and stationery and create a new set of brand guidelines and pillars
  • Design and build a new website -
  • Provide ongoing marketing strategy and communications
  • Update internal documentation
  • Design and create internal branding on glass interior and create new signage
  • Manage ongoing social media and all PR through which they have won four national awards
The company rebrand has helped MCP reposition the company - moving from a local service provider to becoming a widely recognised and highly respected national brand.

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