PRODUCT TYPE:  Retail Display Solutions

Founded in 1984, DisplayPlan are respected and entrusted specialists in delivering sustainable retail display programmes for some of the world’s most prominent brands and retailers.  They boast a range of creative and engineering services with team members on two continents (in four different locations) that help clients through the design process from idea generation to engineered solutions best suited to manufacturing processes, as well as support for assembly and installation activity.

TPMC was asked to produce a video for DisplayPlan that would serve as an introduction to the company as a whole for use on their website and through other mediums.  The brief was that the video was to be succinct and not overly technical as they felt that competitors had failed to grasp these concepts in their own media output.  Emphasising the company’s passion for providing sustainable solutions for its clients was also highlighted as a theme to be included in the assignment.


After consultation with DisplayPlan about how to approach the production and due to the size of the company, we decided that the most suitable course of action was to film and produce four separate pieces – one main ‘welcome’ video, and three others that would be broken up to focus on the services provided by the team and to detail the processes undertaken in every project – ‘Design’, ‘Supply’ and ‘Manage’.

One primary aspect of our work is to capture the human element of a brand whilst telling a story that emotionally engages the viewer.  Considerable time was spent interviewing various staff members to get different views and perspectives on the day to day working environment and how projects are handled from start to finish whilst shooting at the main office.

To view the four videos that we created for DisplayPlan click here.

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