Tim Gale

Tim started working in his Dad’s photographic studio when he was 16. From there he went into design and creative services, working firstly for the British Printing Communications Corporation (BPCC) and looking after major publishers including EMAP, Express Newspaper, Readers Digest and the BBC.

As Tim’s love of creativity grew, he moved into management positions becoming responsible for the design and creative requirements for B2B and B2C companies like Sony, Argos, Dixons, Black and Decker, and many more!

With a strong understanding of business and the power of brands, Tim can find the core of a brand and help present it in its best light, bring together and manage the team to make it happen and provide our clients with a beneficial service based on his experience, knowledge and extensive resource.

When not out and about helping businesses grow, you can find Tim diving with Sharks, knee scratching on his motorbike, looking for yet another fast car, playing golf (badly) or chilling on a beach doing nothing!