We've just told one of our clients that in 2015 their published news stories were reached by an audience of 1.1 million people. As you can imagine, a few jaws hit the table!

Of course, when we started doing their PR around 18 months ago, we explained that this was the most cost effective way of reaching large audiences. Naturally they nodded and took it with a pinch of salt – that is until we showed them the ?gures. But has the PR had any effect on their brand positioning or sales? Well, their turnover is up by 40% this year so, quite possibly!

The fact is, PR really isn't understood by many industrial brands which means PR needs some PR! And what makes matters worse is that PR is undoubtedly the most cost effective route to market for businesses, offering wide media coverage for a fraction of the cost of a display advert!

PR will remain misunderstood by businesses unless they explore what it can do for them. Rather than try to cut through the jargon, the simplest way to find out is to ask a PR practitioner or an agency, as most of us are more than happy to outline the benefits and how you can share the facts about your business, your innovations, your knowledge, your views and your successes, and how they can be turned into credible, newsworthy stories that will earn you the recognition and reputation that you deserve.

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