Hayward Tyler


Hayward Tyler is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric dry or wet-wound motors and pumps. With a heritage and pedigree stretching back 200 years, the company has a market-leading reputation for providing customers with innovative, reliable technological solutions across all energy sectors.

Over a number of years, The Product Marketing Company has helped Hayward Tyler launch new products and services internationally to a number of different energy sectors including Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Fossil, Renewable, Industrial and Chemical.


  • Presented the brand as a leading international supplier of both dry and wet pumps
  • Created new product and service identities
  • Provided exhibition marketing from invitations to stands
  • Assisted in the marketing of the maintenance/service side of the business
  • Created internal communications including newsletters
  • Created technical data sheets
  • Created customer communications
  • Created customer handbook
  • Created branded communication templates for case studies and brochures domestically and in the USA and China
  • Introduced customer surveys
  • Aided in the enhancement of brand perception and positioning