Business Rebranding

All businesses should review their branding at some stage. Many of the world’s largest brands frequently update their brand image, and there are many reasons for doing so (some of the most common are listed below).

If your business brand image and messaging has not changed in at least 7 years then it must be standing still.  Innovation, market changes, emerging markets and competition are all good reasons to look at your brand.

And remember, it’s not just domestic markets that you need to consider – overseas companies are looking to trade with innovative UK businesses, so it’s more important than ever to be outstanding.

What is a brand?

A brand should emotionally connect with customers – it needs to stand out, stand for something and be perceived as trustworthy and believable.   People can become passionate about brands, refusing to switch to any other despite strong persuasion.  Your brand should make your customers ‘feel’ a part of your story.

No business brand can stay the same. There are continual external factors that force business rebranding - a brand needs to be flexible enough to move with the times.

Our business rebranding process is designed for long established organisations that do not have the in-house skills to strategically review their brand. Our process is designed to take you on a journey; we will go back in time, assess the present and regenerate your brand for the future.

Our customers thoroughly enjoy our business rebranding process – they find it exciting and highly rewarding because it uncovers hidden talents, strengths and opportunities. The outcome is a regenerated and strengthened brand platform, primed for the future.

Here are some primary reasons for a business to rebrand:

  •     The brand has become old-fashioned
  •     The business strategy has changed
  •     Target markets have changed
  •     To reposition the business
  •     There has been a change of ownership
  •     To effectively launch new product ranges
  •     Services need to be consolidated
  •     To gain competitive advantage
  •     To attract better employees
  •     To attract investors
  •     To differentiate in a crowded market place
  •     To prepare to sell the business

Whatever your reasons are for a business rebrand, we can help you get started on an incredible and financially rewarding new journey.

To find out more about our business rebranding process you can view our Brand Modernisation Brochure.

Alternatively please give us a call and we will happily discuss the process with you. Start your journey today and call us on 01462 432 303 or contact us to see how we can help transform your business.