We work with industrial businesses that need strategic marketing guidance,
brand clarity, innovative
and clear-cut results.

What we do

TPMC is a leading creative B2B marketing company. We work with visionary business leaders in a wide range of sectors including engineering, manufacturing, construction, building services, HVAC and packaging.

Our customers come to us with a goal - to change, stand out and become leaders in their field. This is typically because:

Their brand has become old-fashioned
Their business strategy has changed
Target markets have changed
There's been a change of ownership
They want to launch new product ranges
They want to consolidate new services
They need to attract better employees
They want differentiate in a crowded market place

Our talented team of marketing professionals provide practical, strategic business marketing direction and inspirational creative services, helping customers to become more focused, more in control and more successful.

If you're looking for a marketing partner that will get things done, help you do things better and move your business forward, then you need to work with The Product Marketing Company.

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We work with customers across a variety of market sectors including
engineering, manufacturing, packaging, building services, aerospace and many more.