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Our Policies

This page highlights our various company policies. We feel it is very important to promote transparency in how we do business in order to make our clients feel comfortable and confident whilst dealing with us.


We are a privately owned independent company that was incorporated in 2008 and started trading in 2009. TPMC has a conservative view to borrowing that offers competitive services and products whose aim is to make a profit. The company has an ongoing investment plan that covers infrastructure, recruitment, training, IT, sales & marketing and business continuity.

Corporate and Social

We take corporate and social responsibility seriously. Providing learning opportunities for local students, we take on 2 apprentices per annum to help build up their skills, prepare them for employment and give references for their CVs.

We support local charities in the form of the local police forces and local hospices.

Free brand, marketing and digital advice is given to local businesses, whether it be small or large (including local events).

Equality and Diversity

The Product Marketing Company has a diverse and flexible recruitment and working practice policy allowing staff to put family first. 50% of our staff are currently experienced working mothers so we encourage the ability to work from home. The company has international aspirations and so take a positive view to employing staff from all cultures, religions and languages.

The age mix of The Product Marketing Company ranges from 22 to 75 and we do have a continual policy of training.

The company supports the local organisation BBW ‘Bedford Business Women’ and one of our staff was chosen to represent them.

Training and Self-Improvement

The company does have a book/magazine/information allowance for staff to focus on self-improvement.

The company adopts a policy of continual learning and development. Team members are offered two paid days per year to visit places such as museums & galleries to carry out research and hone their craft.

Service and Recruitment Strategy

We provide clients with a robust and scalable service as the company has been built with a core management team that facilitates a much larger creative community. Our recruitment policy is based on referral and then testing on small projects as a part of the team. There is a senior manager focusing on quality control in each sector of service.

We try to source staff from within the local communities in most cases, but we do have a robust IT platform to allow us to make the most of modern digital communications.

All of the services and products (e.g. print) we procure are specified to come from a sustainable and local source where possible.

Complaints Procedure

We endeavour in every instance to make sure a customer is more than happy with the quality of work and advice they receive. Our standard practice is to resolve any dispute quickly and fairly as soon as possible, and all customers get to speak to the Managing Director at any time.

IT Infrastructure

The Product Marketing Company holds a gold level service agreement with a fully approved IT Services provider. All work is backed up and stored offline. In the case of a fire, all work can be accessed via cloud resources and production can continue from off-site locations.

Added Value

It is our intention to over exceed on every project undertaken and every retained service committed to. Where we can add value to a project or a client relationship it is our duty to do so.


We mirror every person and machine on-site and off-site. Our staff have job share and all work is accessible from a cloud-based server and database. All client and supplier details are accessible by the cloud server.