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How tone of voice can make all the difference to your brand

 The Product Marketing Company
 July 7, 2016

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Your brand tone of voice pretty much defines the characteristics of your brand and has a huge influence on your customers, particularly in terms of the way they see your business.

Tone of voice?

Just to clarify, when we say tone of voice, we don’t just mean what’s written on paper. We’re referring to your communications as a whole, from what your customer services team say on the phone, through to what your engineers say when they’re out on site.

Let your personality shine

It all boils down to brand personality. But to convey the right sense of personality, your tone of voice must remain consistent in everything that you say and the way that you say it. If you want to be a fun, light-hearted brand, you should reflect this in all of your communications and not just say that’s what you are and expect your customers to believe it.  Some brands put the fun factor in everything that they do including images, text and even events.  Others simply want to be approachable and friendly and make it easy to do business with them.   People find it far easier to understand 'layman's' language rather than having to look up every other word in the Oxford dictionary.  Simple, real messages sprinkled with a dusting of character are far more likely to be remembered, as are smiles and openness.


Our goal here at TPMC is to help industrial brands move away from typically stiff communications, defining a tone of voice that’s relatable and encourages customers to feel a sense of trust and familiarity. That hard exterior might scare people off!  No more 'stiff upper lip' - be real, honest and true to all that you stand for.

Exploit your avenues

It’s all about making the use of the resources we have. Living in a digital age, we’re almost spoilt for choice. Using social media, blogs and so forth, we’re able to get personalities out there, in front of the right people in an instant.  Share your tone of voice across all communications - at events, on your workwear, in your staff training and even at the negotiating table!

The ultimate goal

We encourage our customers to consider the mood, medium and audience and to let that be the decider in the way in which they choose to talk.

For technical brands in particular, coming across as knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy is the ultimate goal, with a little bit of personality thrown in!

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