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How trust solves the content clutter conundrum

 The Product Marketing Company
 November 10, 2015

Due to the ease of communicating through online channels nowadays, there has been a rapid surge in the influence of content marketing for brands and businesses. This could be seen as being a positive thing – you can get information out to more people than ever before by tweeting, sharing and posting. But in reality it is actually harder to separate the wheat from the chaff due to the sheer saturation of content available.

While there’s no disputing that without content there would be no internet (which would be a pretty big problem in today’s world), the fact that there is so much out there makes it more important than ever before to strategically plan and execute your output campaigns rather than getting caught in the rat race for retweets.

You see some social media users who, intentionally or not, flood your timeline with endless content that will make you switch off in the future whenever they post because you see it as being ‘spam’. Content is all about the quality and not how much you can get out there. Potential customers are far more likely to respond and engage with your brand or business if they know that each time they see something associated with you it will be worth their time reading it.

So how do you achieve the status of being a quality content provider?


No matter the sector, people buy something because they trust the company providing the service or selling the product. Of course, content marketing alone won’t build enough trust for someone to choose you over someone else.

Something that goes a long way towards making potential customers feel like they can trust you is personalisation. Thanks to data and analytics we can tailor our messages and target a certain segment of our audience for different kinds of output.

Emotional engagement is a practice linked to personalisation and is key to building sustainable relationships with customers. Telling your brand story allows you to give them a glimpse into the real values of your business and also lets them know that they are dealing with real people.

If you can add emotional engaging, personal content with the ingredient of realism and authenticity then you are on the right track. Responses to your content will be far more positive if people actually believe what you’re saying.

While trust is gained over a period of time, it’s vital to remember that content is just one piece of the jigsaw that needs to be considered in your marketing strategy for building trust.  This in turn will help you ultimately put the puzzle together and gain new business.

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