Technical Documents

The benefit of using technical documentation is that it helps the intended audience to understand your product and then accomplish various tasks.

Great technical documentation will focus on delivering technically complex information in a clear, concise, and usable manner. A well-presented technical brochure, for example will inform the target audience about the technology in an easy to read and understandable format.

Users of technical documentation

Technical documentation can be used by the following users:

  • Customers: To gain insight about using the product
  • Manufacturing: To communicate the design with the team
  • Sales and manufacturing: To promote and improve sales of the product

Customer benefits of technical documentation

Technical documentation plays an important role in educating the intended audience about a product.  A technical document can demonstrate the features, functions and values of a particular product.

From a brand perspective, informative technical documentation also is a good demonstration of knowledge share, attention to detail, expertise and differentiation. In a business to business environment this all adds up to a prospect and customer trusting a brand more.

Other benefits include:

  • Enables customers to make the buying decisions
  • Informs the customer about key features
  • Provides good product knowledge to the customer which increases brand advocacy
  • Enables better client communications
  • Manages client expectations for better long term relationships

Internal benefits to technical documentation

  • Reduces technical support cost
  • Reduces the training and development cost
  • Contributes to customer goodwill
  • Improves sales of the product
  • Increases profits and results in revenue growth

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