Catalogues continue to be an unmistakably effective element of any product marketing strategy for both on and off-line marketing.

With the lack of physical mail that potential clients receive nowadays compared to emails, there is almost a novelty factor of being sent a printed catalogue in the post. Make it a well-designed item and you may just see great results.

Once your catalogue is design, it can be quickly converted to a digital version too, allowing you to email your catalogue and make it available for download on your website (particularly if you don’t yet have e-commerce in place).

If you do have an e-commerce site then interactive catalogues will enable your customers to buy off the page by clicking on an item it will take them straight to the web page, allowing them to order online in a couple of clicks.With the relative affordability of physical direct mail pieces, it is definitely worth really targeting a certain audience and seeing whether you get results.

The Product Marketing Company has decades of experience in catalogue design and production so if you want to stand out in the crowd please do get in touch.

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