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Interactive Presentations

The Product Marketing Company can save you money on printing with interactive PDFs. If you are looking to ask your customers to fill in questionnaires, surveys, online forms make it easy for them and you and get them to fill in an editable interactive PDF or PDFs form.

There are many benefits to interactive PDFs and editable forms including no postage or print costs, no legibility problems, you can print and archive forms easily, speeds up the process of form filling.

Indeed recent interactive form campaigns have worked better for our clients than any form filling campaigns done before.

Not only are interactive PDFs easy to use but with our design experts we can ensure they uphold the integrity of your brand and can be designed to look any way you want.

Any document produced in InDesign can be created into an interactive PDF.

For example, if you currently produce a newsletter and spend money printing it why not reproduce it as an interactive PDF. That way your clients could use an interactive contents page to navigate it they could complete questionnaires/forms/interactive elements to it (e.g. surveys).

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