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Brand Modernisation

Brand Modernisation

When should a business modernise?

All businesses will undergo change at some stage and with a rapidly changing market place, more and more engineering and manufacturing firms are realising that if they don't keep up they will lose out!

Brexit has given industrial brands more reason that ever to consider their market position and whether they are primed to compete and excel in their chosen markets.  And it's not just at home that brands need to consider - overseas businesses are looking to the UK for better quality and innovation, so it's more important than ever to be found and to impress.

Our brand modernisation programme is designed for long established organisations that do not have the skills in-house to take a realistic and strategic view of their business and market position.  The programme is designed to take you on a journey; we will go back in time, assess the present and align your brand for the future.  All of our clients find the process highly rewarding and enjoyable as it uncovers hidden talents, opportunities and aspirations.  The programme is ideal for businesses looking to:

Bring new products to competitive markets
Reposition their brand in line with a new business strategy
Bring the brand into the modern era
Target new markets or regions
Achieve a higher success rate with tenders
Attract better employees and skillsets
Improve customer retention and satisfaction
Improve brand value

Best practice brand modernisation!

The process will usually begin with an evaluation of where the business is now, what the business does and where the business wants to be. A customer, staff and stakeholder survey will identify brand feelings, aspirations, perceptions and beliefs. A brand story and brand pillars are then written to define the direction for the future.

This is then followed by the creation of the new brand guidelines. This will include look, feel, personality, values, divisional structure, tone, and formats for communications. A strategic marketing and communications plan can then be developed which will identify the tools and resources required for the brand launch. From the brand story, you will be able to develop a new website and marketing collateral. All other branded collateral would also need to be updated in line with the new brand guidelines.  You will then be ready to implement your communications plan to bring your new brand to life.

What are the benefits?

Brand modernisation is an investment. It will reposition your business, strengthen relationships, attract better staff and give your brand credibility and identity. To find out more please download our brochure below or give us a call and we can chat through the process in a little more detail with you.

View our Brand Modernisation brochure.




Modernising a brand will solve many business challenges including:

  • Launching new products or services
  • New target markets or countries
  • A change of ownership
  • Diversification
  • Addition or change of core expertise
  • The need to attract more expertise
  • Change of location or country
  • Competitive threat
  • Changes to core products
  • The brand has fallen out of date

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