Brand Guidelines

We invest an incredible amount of money into the design and creation of our brands, that it’s only right that we work hard to protect and maintain every aspect going forward.

A lot of businesses have sadly overlooked the importance of brand guidelines, but in reality, they’re very important and can save a great deal of time too. Providing a simple go-to source for an entire business and it’s employees, brand guidelines simply outline the correct way of representing a brand – a do’s and dont’s guide, so to speak.

Everything from the use of your logo through to tone of voice relates back to the portrayal of a brand and so we work with our customers to develop clear and concise rulebook that helps to keep everything consistent and professional going forward.

According to BopDesign, 45% of a brands image can be attributed to what is says and how it says it – indicating that branding is more than skin deep!

How can we help with your brand guidelines?

Your brand guidelines are a representation of what your brand should look and sound like to the public so they need to include everything that you value. Examples of this include a mission statement or company ethos, fonts, colours (including colour pallets), sizes, logos, tones, images and more.

The Product Marketing Company will work with you to create your own brand guidelines during the Brand Modernisation Process. We get to know what makes your business and brand tick to allow us to create an identity that fits.

Call us today on 01462 432 303 or contact us to create your brand guidelines and identity.