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Email Marketing

Rome was not built in a day and email marketing will not (always) deliver sales from the point those first emails go out.

But with great content and strong branding you will get noticed and in the business-to-business arena you will build brand awareness. Generally a brand has to be seen a minimum of about 9 times before some cognitive recognition starts to take place. This is why email marketing as a cost effective form of communication is so effective!

In summary, the longer the time your customers and prospects are receiving and seeing your emails the higher the recall when it comes to remembering your company ahead of the competition's when they are looking for a product like yours.

We can help you with the following areas of email marketing:

  • Email marketing
  • Email design
  • Email production
  • Database sourcing and management
  • Email copywriting
  • Distribution
  • Reporting
  • A/B split testing
  • Website/landing page optimisation

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