Marketing for distributors

The Product Marketing Company provides works with a range of clients in the distribution sector.  Our expertise in catalogue and multi-channel marketing, helps our clients to further their reach and increase direct sales.

Given the range of businesses now operating within the distribution sector, at TPMC, we make it our mission to combine our diverse sector knowledge and marketing expertise to bring our customers to the forefront of the industry in which they operate in order to gain competitive advantage.

Having spent over 30 years satisfying the marketing needs of a variety of key industrial brands, many of our customers continue to approach us due to the sheer success in which our services have had, one our customers marketing, design and communication strategies. By partnering with us, our customers are able to focus their attentions on their crucial business operations, while we take care of strengthening their industry presence and their audience communications through innovative marketing activities.

Whether you’re looking to alter your brand image, acquire new customers, modernise your product catalogues or become more digitally savvy, we are here to help. Our comprehensive marketing and design services can be adjusted to suit each and every one of our client’s needs. We’ll sit down with you, commit our time to learning your business, its existing processes and values in order to do our job as effectively as possible and that’s to tell the world all about your business, what it has to offer and what sets it apart from the rest.

Whether redefining or modernising your existing marketing strategies, or simply starting from scratch, at TPMC, we offer a comprehensive set of skills all at a single cost which we understand is very beneficial to our customers given the unpredictable nature of the world in which they operate.

Marketing outsourcing is becoming an increasingly viable alternative for those operating within the distribution sector given the range of benefits it has to offer.

If you choose to partner with TPMC, we can guarantee that our comprehensive industry experience and wide-ranging services will:

Add significant value to your bottom line

Offer consistent messaging which customers value

Offer competitiveness and differentiation

Build better relationships with sales

Build a stronger brand identity and messaging

Offer cost effective access to an entire set of marketing skills

Improve processes and marketing management

Deliver value added consultancy and knowledge

Does your business operate in the distribution sector? Are you unsure of how to manage your marketing processes?

Why not get in touch with us for some free advice today!