Marketing for building services

The Product Marketing Company provides strategic marketing services to a wide range of clients within the building services sector.

Competition within the building services sector is at the highest it’s ever been, making now the best time to invest in a marketing partner that knows and appreciates the industry in which you operate. At TPMC, we have over 30 years working closely with industrial brands to strengthen their industry presence through innovative marketing and bespoke design services.

From design, installation and maintenance, we have a deep understanding of the building services sector with many of our clients offering a unique set of services to their customers. We also make it our mission to stay alert to industry news, competitor activities and related announcements, ensuring that our customers remain three steps ahead of the game in order to remain a success.

At TPMC, we understand the different players in the industry and help to form strong relationships with each and every one, from architects, engineers and designers through to key decision makers. Our strategic and comprehensive marketing services help to open the door to new opportunities in order to further grow your business and its revenues. From lighting, energy supply, air-conditioning and fire protection through to heating and ventilation, infrastructure services and building management, our advantageous connections and sector awareness will help to set you apart from the competition in order to gain competitive advantage.

If you choose to partner with TPMC, we can guarantee that our comprehensive industry experience and wide-ranging services will:

Add significant value to your bottom line

Offer consistent messaging which customers value

Offer competitiveness and differentiation

Build better relationships with sales

Build a stronger brand identity and messaging

Offer cost effective access to an entire set of marketing skills

Improve processes and marketing management

Deliver value added consultancy and knowledge

Does your business operate in the building services sector? Are you unsure of how to manage your marketing processes?

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