How to make an engineering brand more emotive

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If someone tells you a genuine story that is close to your heart you are more likely to remember it, buy into it and share it, right? That’s how it should be for your brand too, whether you manufacture or install masculine, none emotive products is irrelevant, your brand is your vehicle for pulling on people’s heart strings.

Despite the advances in communications, every time you put pen to paper you either engage or disengage your customers. Words are important and brands that tell their stories well will win hands down.

Be social & make content available  We’re skeptical consumers that like to do our research first. That means we tend to visit a company’s website or check out what they’ve been saying on social media before we’re confident enough to pick up the phone.

Be engaging – You have about three seconds to get someone’s attention, so remember that less is more. Make it fun, but keep it succinct.

Create excitement – Brands that engage build brand advocacy – your customers will share an engaging story with their friends, family, and colleagues.

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