KickTrix™ is a new product that makes football training fun and rewarding. It simulates natural ball movement, players of any age can use it to speed up reaction times, train both feet for far better ball control, without wasting time retrieving lost balls – which is inevitable with normal keepy-uppy!

As well as becoming an integral part of youth football training programmes, KickTrix™ is ideally suited to physical therapy exercises, helping players return from leg injuries faster by building up ligament, tendon and muscle strength.

The Product Marketing Company was approached to help launch the product to the general public through the design of marketing collateral and website design.


  • Design and build an ecommerce website
  • Carry out market research
  • Use PR in the international press which included SKY TV
  • Search engine optimisation for relevant keywords
  • Develop a following through social media
  • Drive online sales through Facebook advertising and AdWords
  • Manage Guerrilla marketing events
  • Video the product attributes and case studies
  • Photography
  • Product launch consultancy