Brochure writing

There seems to be a misconception that due to the internet and its power today, that traditional forms of marketing such as printed brochures, are no longer as effective as they once were.

However, printed brochures, particularly product brochures, still have a very prominent place within industrial markets and are often used by customers to source technical product data and other necessary information. And where printed brochures don’t have a place, e-brochures or digital brochures certainly do.

When it comes to writing brochures, it’s important to get it right. According to Business2Community, 80% say quality makes consymers buy into a brand.

You therefore need to think about its purpose – is it to sell your product, service or ethos? What is your key message of the brochure and what are you wanting the reader to take away from it? Is it for new customers or existing? Is it detailed, or high-level?

How can we help with brochure writing?

We work with industrial brands to create beautifully written, creatively designed brochures that are informative, engaging and brand-enhancing.

The Product Marketing Company has a team of copywriters that work with clients to communicate with their customers in order to gain exposure, win business and grow.

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