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Article Writing

When it comes to article writing, or putting any type of content together for that matter, there's a lot more to it that simply putting pen to paper.

Let's face it, people are easily distracted the days. We're constantly being targeted with adverts and other marketing spiel left, right, centre where brands are competing hard for our attention.

That poses a bigger challenge for us writers - we have to really up our game and be selective with our choice of words, to not only engage audiences, but to excite them and encourage them to read on!

Whether you choose to take on the challenge in-house or look to partner with an external supplier like us, it's important to atleast consider how you're going to work your piece of written content to encourage your readers to take action.

We always apply the acronym AIDA to simplify the process - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

According to Hubspot, 73% of companies are planning to prioritise creating more engaging content, which includes article writing.

How we can help with article writing

The Product Marketing Company employs copywriters that are experienced in providing quality content, specifically in the manufacturing, engineering and industrial sectors.

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